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Surfing the Holyland is performing at Brighton Fringe 7-11 May 8.15pm at The Warren's new beach venue The Electric Arcade! Buy tickets here.

January 2020


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Check out Erin's latest acting showreel! Click here to watch!

august 2019



Audiences are loving Surfing the Holyland! Have a peek at this video of audience reactions! Click here.

august 2019



Erin's performing her debut one woman show, Surfing the Holyland about the mad Middle East, surfing & survival at JW3, Camden Fringe & LA's Theatre Palisades!

summer 2019


Voice Over booth_edited.jpg

Listen out for Erin next time you fly El Al Airlines. She's just recorded a voice over promoting their inflight internet!

JULY 2018



Erin played a disgruntled Eastend maid in a new 360 VR virtual reality film about Sherlock Holmes!

JUNE 2018

sherlock holmes


Erin was on set playing Jack the Ripper's victim, Catherine Eddowes, in a 360 VR horror film by Actiview Productions.

january 2018

catch my killer

spirit vagina.jpg

What an adventure shooting this irreverent political satire playing...wait for it...Mike Pence's spirit vagina! 

AUG 2017


Surfing Jonty Scene 7_edited.jpg

Erin will be performing her solo show, Surfing the Holyland in Tel Aviv at the beautiful, ancient Jaffa Theatre on 17 November, a stone's throw from the beach where she learned to surf. 

september 2019


Surfing Scene 6_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Check out the snazzy article about Erin, her career & her one woman show, Surfing the Holyland in expat publication The American Magazine. Click here to read it! 

august 2019



Erin just wrapped up another VR 360 short film for Actiview. She played the lead role -  a tough as nails store manager.

feb 2019

film shoot


Erin tested out some material from her new one woman show Surfing the Holyland in front of a packed crowd at Golden Sun Cafe. Fuelled with tasty kombucha and lots of laughter!

JUNE 2018

sunset stories

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 09.38.33_edite

Hunt the Vigan's comedy parenting TV pilot, Judged had its first outing in front of a select industry audience.

JUNE 2018

tv pilot reading

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Erin has released her latest comedy ukulele song, What If My Baby's An A**hole - about pregnancy anxieties! Click here to check it out.

nov 2017

new comedy song

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Erin voiced the role of Irish maid Bridget in a new novel about axe murder Lizzie Borden, See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt. Check it out here

FEB 2017