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Erin's Screen Work

Erin stars in retro comedy web series, A Quick Fortune created with her comedy duo Hunt the Vigan. Erin was nominated for a best actress award and won a screenwriting award.

Meet Leslie and Frances. Your border security is their priority. That and Taco Tuesdays. But mainly Taco Tuesdays. A darkly comic look at increasingly strict global immigration laws created by Hunt the Vigan.

Erin's comedy song about pregnant anxieties, played on the ukulele. 

Hunt the Vigan's viral comedy parenting video about a revolutionary new modesty device for breastfeeding mothers. It was called "hilarious" by the Huffington Post and has 8 million views on facebook.

Created by successful TV writer Brona C Titley, a mockumentary about a support group for some women slightly obsessed with the ginger-haired prince.

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